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The Rise and Fall of EA’s Reputation


Before I start this off, I want to ask the people who are still buying EA games something. Did you all forget that this is the company that actually managed to win the “Worst company of the year” award TWO TIMES IN A ROW? That alone should be enough reason to think that they don’t care about customers but with the Battlefront 2 drama, we can be certain about that.

For those who aren’t following this case on Reddit, the thing that ignited the flame was this Reddit post where TheHotterPotato explained how you need 40 hours, on average, to unlock one hero in the game. 40 hours! Remember, this is a game you have to pay $70 for and after that play 40 hours if you want to control Vader or Sky Walker.

You know how even a low-frequency sound can create a huge avalanche? Well, EA managed to do that. In fact, they managed to piss off almost every single person on Reddit with one single comment. 600k+ downvotes is an all-time record on Reddit. No one came even close to this and it comes as no surprise when you consider that EA wanted to defend their paywall by explaining how the 40-hour grind gives the players a sense of achievement. Remember, this is the worst company of the year, two times in a row… Of course they made it possible to unlock heroes with money.

To show us all how they are listening to their community they have now decreased the cost of heroes by 75%. But it looks like EA wants that award one more time. To prove that they are the worst company (maybe ever) they have completely removed the refund button for Battlefront 2.

You have to give it to them. They really know how to be real douchebags and treat their customers in the worst way possible. I have to admit that I have no idea if this is legal to do but I am 100% sure that EA and moral can’t go in the same sentence. This is the lowest of the low when trying to prevent money loss. With shares going down at Wall Street by 5% we could start assuming that this is a panic move.

I will remind you, one more time, this is the worst company of the year award winner, two times in a row! This is a company that doesn’t care about what you think. This is a company that wants your money and once they get it they will want more. Can we accept that as a standard for EA and then stop preordering their games? I know that they have great titles like Battlefield 1 and many others. I was a FIFA fan once but micro-transactions made me change my mind. If I pay for the game once I see no reason why I should put more money into it so EA is a no-no.

Voting with our wallets is the only way to send a message to these corporate assholes. Sorry for the strong language but I just can’t find a better word for EA right now. May this whole Battlefront situation be a big lesson to all of us, including EA. If the Reddit community can take a stand and bring shares down by 5% we can all do the same and take a stand with them. Don’t buy the game, cancel your preorders and let them know that they made a big mistake. Things are getting worse with micro-transactions every day and if we don’t do something about them they will soon start charging money for bullets in shooter games!


Oh, one more thing. “Worst company of the year” award TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!!! Write that down.



Update: The refund button is back so this might be a regional issue.

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  1. hvd2222

    November 15, 2017 at 12:53 am

    when ea takes all their money and puts them in the street maybe?

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