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This Deformed Dog Was Confined To A Cage. Then Rescuers Gave Him A Second Chance At Life



Meet Gargoyle, a Pit Bull cross with a sad story behind his nickname. The team behind Second Hand Rescue were heartbroken to learn that the poor pup had been abused to the point where his back and legs were malformed, but this only fueled their determination to help him. Start the slideshow below to learn how these kind souls ensured this innocent pup a second chance at life.

1. Gargoyle.

Gargoyle’s story began in 2014, when he was taken in by an animal shelter in Georgia. Immediately, the physical pain being caused from Gargoyle’s health problems became apparent. Unfortunately, the shelter didn’t have the resources to properly care for and rehabilitate a dog with this level of injury, so they reached out to a rescue shelter that was better equipped to help.

2. The Rescue Shelter.

Second Chance Rescue (SCR) is a non-profit organization located in New York. Their Facebook page states,

“Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate. We are a lifeline for thousands of cats and dogs that otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Fortunately for Gargoyle, their mission statement couldn’t have been more honest.

3. A Rough Start.

The Georgia shelter forwarded pictures over to SCR to evaluate the dog’s condition. The images showed a 1-2 year old pup who clearly had a rough start at life. The physical state he was in painted a grim picture of the cramped living conditions he must have been confined to for the duration of his life.

4. Gargoyle’s Condition.

SCR’s Jacquelyn O’Sullivan described what the photos entailed.

“The tendons in all four legs are ruptured due to his prior living conditions.”

Additionally, he was obviously malnourished and hadn’t been adequately fed.

“He is very small and underweight,” O’Sullivan said.

5. Poor Living Conditions.

Due to Gargoyle’s posture, O’Sullivan could also imagine the living conditions his previous owners subjected him to.

“His body condition tells us that he lived in a small space,” she said. “Hence his dwarf-like appearance, bent legs and curved spine.”

It was at this point that SCR made arrangements to assist.

6. A New Name.

“We were heartbroken and horrified,” O’Sullivan continued, “and knew we had to help him.”

SCR immediately sprung into action. They quickly made arrangements to transfer Gargoyle to their facility. The very next day, the staff began by giving him a new nickname.

7. Landis.

SCR dubbed the pooch Landis, much more fitting than the previous name of Gargoyle. Shortly after, they took him to the vet to assess his injuries. An orthopedic surgeon took a look at Landis’ legs and spine, and determined surgery would not be necessary.

8. The Diagnosis.

It seemed the love and care the staff was showing Landis was beginning to pay off. The vet determined surgery would actually cause the pup more pain, and he was already noticing an improvement in his condition. The doctor expected Landis’ legs to continue getting stronger.

9. Project Landis.

At the same time, Landis was getting an outpouring of support throughout the world and over social media from people who learnt of his story. The support was so overwhelming that his rescuers decided to create a Facebook page just for him, calling it Project Landis.

10. Worldwide Support.

At the same time, Landis’ story was bringing out the public’s anger towards the abuse he endured. This was an accomplishment in SCR’s book as it was bringing to light an huge issue that needed to be fixed.

“Good, when people get angry and upset about abuse, it forces change,” they wrote, “and we need change!”

11. Steady Improvement.

“We need tougher laws and even tougher penalties for these abusers who all too often walk free,” SCR continued.

Thankfully, Landis’ condition continued to steadily improve. He was slowly growing into the life he always deserved.

12. Road to Recovery.

Nearly three months after Landis’ rescue, he was finally able to walk on all for of his paws. In addition to that, his posture and backbone had become noticeably straighter. It turns out that, with all the abuse he endured, all he ever wanted was love and affection.

13. Finding a Home.

“Landis is amazing, very sweet and loving,” O’Sullivan said. “He has won the hearts of everyone who has met him, and many who have not met him. He has definitely struck a chord with people everywhere.”

Not surprisingly, it would only be a matter of time until someone offered him a home.

14. Ensuring Landis’ Well Being.

As it turns out, the vet had some advise on this very subject. He recommended that Landis needed a forever home with very little, if any, hard surfaces. Hard terrain, such as concrete, for example, could be very detrimental to his well being.

As SCR wrote on Facebook, “A home with a fenced in backyard and lots of soft grass would be awesome for Landis.”

15. Finally Adopted.

As luck would have it, the perfect set of adopters came along for Landis on January 12. SCR was overjoyed to announce Landis’ adoption to his plethora of fans.

“We are so humbled from all the well wishes, messages, cards, donations and applications,” the organization posted on the Project Landis Facebook page.

16. A Forever Home.

There were many families who wanted to adopt Landis, but SCR had a lot to take into consideration when selecting the perfect, forever home. Due to the pooches dark past and ongoing health concerns, they ultimately chose a home that could not only provide him the love and affection that he needed, but who could also tend to his ongoing medical needs.

17. The Best Fit.

“We went with the application we felt was going to be the best fit for Landis for the rest of his life,” they continued. “He is going to Mass, near Cape Cod. He is minutes from the beach (sand will be great for his legs.)”

18. Tending to his Needs.

Furthermore, his new home had everything he could possibly need to live a fulfilling life, that was both comfortable while still catering to his health needs.

“[Landis] will immediately start hydrotherapy five minutes from his new home,” the message went on. “He will have two rescue siblings, and a new mom who is home to tend to his needs.”

19. An Update.

Fortunately, Landis’ new owner didn’t abandon his many fans. They offered them an adorable update from Landis’ perspective.

“I have made great progress today,” the message stated. “I’m getting the hang of potty training in just one day, and I love to sit in my Mom’s lap and chew on my toys. I’m even learning how to play ball!”

20. The Finishing Touch.

Furthermore, Landis’ was brought along to a fundraiser put on by WiggleButt Warriors, where he had the change to meet up with his wonderful friends on the SCR team. His transformation was nothing short of amazing, and the SCR team could rest assured knowing that he’s being well cared for.

“He will only know compassion, love and kindness moving forward,” they wrote in a Facebook post.

They couldn’t be more right, just look at him now!


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