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A Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon And Does The Last Thing You’d Expect

Mother nature can be brutal at times, but the story about an extraordinary wildlife interaction will defy all odds of the animal kingdom. This touching story embraces the behavior between the animals involved and proves just how thoughtful animals truly can be.

The trip began with Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth on a safari in the northern Botswana‘s Selinda Camp. During the drive, they encountered a huge group of baboons.

30-40 baboons were heading in our general direction, making a lot of noise.” Lisa recounted.

The baboons were seemingly frightened by something when they all scampered up the trees and two large lionesses appeared from the tall grass. One brave baboon abandoned the tree, trying to make a run for it, but got snapped up in the lioness’ jaws.

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