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Little Chihuahua Refuses To Be Adopted Without His German Shepherd Best Friend


It’s not often that you see such an odd couple paired up together; however, when it does happen, it’s sure to make headlines.

This happens to be the case with the adorable pairing between an abandoned Chihuahua and a homeless German Shepherd. The Chihuahua went out of his way to comfort the German Shepherd during a tough time and you’ll swoon over just how sweet this story is!


Unlikely Pair

Take a look at these two adorable dogs – they look like total opposites, don’t they? Well, it seems that sometimes life just so happens to throw an unlikely pair together when life gets a bit rough. So how did this friendship start?


According to the Arizona Humane Society, these two pups can’t be away from each other. This has posed a serious problem for the adoption of these two, but we just can’t blame them. You’ll be obsessed when you find out how they became friends.


When the pet shelter discovered the pair, it was a terrible sight indeed. Jericho, the German Shepherd, was a severely underweight puppy. His bones were practically sticking out so he had to be fed a special dog food that helps put weight on. The animal rescuers also discovered that the dog has fleas and ticks all along his spine – but that wasn’t the end of the problems.


Along with the malnourishment and the fleas, poor Jericho was also suffering from Valley Fever which is a tick illness in dogs that can cause a harsh, dry cough, a fever, and a lack of appetite. The poor dog was falling apart and yet he had one good friend in his life.

True Friend

You see, when the rescuers discovered Jericho, they also found Jefe, the tiny Chihuahua, lying on top of his best friend. Jefe, was comforting Jericho and trying to make him feel better during such a rough time. However, the rescuers made the mistake of separating them shortly after.


Since Jericho’s health was in critical condition, the rescuers had to think fast. They quickly placed him in the back of an ambulance and rushed him to an animal hospital. However, they did not expect such a shocking reaction from Jefe.

The Reaction

As soon as Jericho was out of sight, Jefe completely broke out into a panic. He looked for his best friend everywhere and refused to settle down. Animal rescuers realized that the pair could never be separated again.


The rescuers understood that Jericho and Jefe must be reunited as soon as possible. So once Jericho was feeling better and was relocated to the AHS the pair was once again reintroduced and they were both so happy to see each other.

Adoption Issues

The animal rescue team saw just how poorly the two reacted to being away from each other. They understood that the pair would have to be adopted together as well. This in itself would pose a huge problem for both dogs and the animal rescue team.

Jefe’s Dedication

During Jericho’s recovery process, Jefe refused to leave his side. The dog stood by his best friend and made sure that he was ok every step of the way. The shelter then decided to advertise the dogs as a set pair that could only be adopted together and not separately, even though they knew this would cause issues.

The Ad

So animal rescuers set off to find both Jefe and Jericho their forever home. They placed an entire advertisement on their Faceboook page, saying that the duo was up for adoption. Everyone instantly fell in love with the story but was it enough?

A Hard Time

The animal shelter noticed that while many people resonated with Jericho and Jefe’s story, not everyone was able to take on both a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua at the same time. After all, it would be a major responsibility to take care of both dogs.

The shelter had to figure out a solution, fast.

Months Pass

Eventually two months passed by without anyone offering to adopt both the dogs. The shelter was growing concerned and was worried that the dogs would never find their forever home. They finally decided to make a small change that would help the situation.

The Fee

The shelter decided that in order to help speed up the adoption process that they would waive the original adoption fee. They hoped that this would encourage more people to look into adopting the pair. So was it a successful endeavor?


Eventually, an interested party inquired about the adorable packaged dog deal. The animal shelter was incredibly excited to hear that someone wanted to adopt, not just one, but both of the dogs. Jericho and Jefe were also pretty excited as well.


According to the Arizona Humane Society: “Jefe and Jericho have found a wonderful home together! Thank you to all who shared their stories, sent warm wishes, and offered to open their home to these two. We are so happy to see this pair heading home!”

If you thought this story was adorable then you’ll love this next funny pairing between a dog and a goat!

A Daring Escape

Animal control officers were scratching their heads when they received a call about two runaway animals on the loose. You see, apparently Apollo the dog and Gnome, the goat, had escaped their owner’s yard in Victorville and were running for the hills!


They were just cruising the streets and an animal control officer picked them up,” Tara Hamilton, an animal rescue volunteer, told The Dodo. Although Apollo and Gnome had grown up together since they were young, the owner technically wasn’t allowed to own a goat at his residential home. This caused quite a dilemma.

Combo Pair

The animal shelter quickly realized that the two refused to be separated. The owner eventually let Apollo go because he saw how much love was between the two. The animal shelter then went off to find them a new home.

Foster Home

Luckily, it wasn’t long before the pair found a foster home that took in both of them. For now Apollo and Gnome are playing together and can be seen at each other’s sides at all times. Just hear what their foster mom had to say!

Best Buddies

They get frantic when separated. I let the dog inside for a few minutes and the goat cries for him,” foster mom Liz Devlin says. “And after a few minutes the dog is ready to go outside and check on his goat bestie.”

It seems that animal odd couples aren’t as unusual as you may have thought!


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