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Grandpa Secretly Raises Stray Kittens After Wife Said He Couldn’t Keep Them



This is the story of Jimmy, a cheerful and kind 85-year-old grandpa who hides a big – yet adorable – secret. Jimmy adopts a cat that is pregnant, and after she gives birth to her adorable little kittens, Jimmy decides to do something brave behind his wife’s back.

Start the slideshow below to see how this grandpa dared to act secretly from his wife to give love and care to a litter of new-born kittens.

1. Jimmy The Grandpa

Meet Jimmy, a 85-year-old man who lives in Puerto Rico with his wife. He is a caring husband, a loving grandpa, and he really loves animals. His love for animals, especially cats, makes him do something that could very likely make his wife furious.

2. Feeding Stray Cats

Jimmy’s neighborhood is home to many stray cats and Jimmy has always fed and taken care of them. He leaves food at the back of the house for them, near his tool shed; it is his hobby and passion. Jimmy had always wanted to adopt some of the stray cats but his wife never agreed. Everything changed when one of the cats got pregnant. See what happened next!


3. Pregnant Cat

One of the neighborhood cats, who was especially friendly with grandpa Jimmy, got pregnant and Jimmy insisted that the couple must adopt her. Jimmy tried to persuade his wife but the answer was always no, making him unable to finally welcome a cat inside the house. But this doesn’t make Jimmy stop, let’s see what he does next.


4. Giving Birth

One morning the cat gave birth to her adorable little kittens and Jimmy got overly excited! He once again tried to make his wife welcome at least the kittens in their home but the answer was the same as always. Why did his wife never agree? Find out next!


5. Negative Nancy

Jimmy’s wife was always against the idea of bringing animals into their home. She couldn’t sympathize with the animals and didn’t want them inside their home as she didn’t want her home to be a nursery for stray cats. She was always finding some excuse to disagree with Jimmy. At least she was okay with Jimmy feeding and taking care of them. Despite his wife’s opinion Jimmy decided to do something that could risk his marriage.


6. Little Kittens in Need

The little kittens were in need of a home and care, which made Jimmy realize that he has to take action no matter what! He realized that he would have to act behind his wife’s back to make his wish come true.


7. He Decided To Raise Them!

Jimmy decided to raise the kittens behind his wife’s back. He found a location in the back of the house which his wife rarely visited and took the little kittens under his shed.


8. Risking It All

His love for the little kittens and the feeling of duty he had for the overly friendly to him momma cat made him take action and risk it all. He carefully planned and visited them to feed, pet, and take care of them when his wife was either sleeping or leaving the house.


9. 3 Weeks Old

Jimmy’s operation was going well and the kittens were growing fast and healthy. The little kittens were becoming more and more cute each day. During the third week, however, something Jimmy never expected happened. Find out next!


10. Kittens Started To Stroll

The kittens began strolling around the house and visiting locations that Jimmy, despite his efforts, didn’t want them to visit. Jimmy couldn’t tame the adorably curious and adventurous kittens that wanted to explore the world, and his wife was becoming increasingly suspicious each day. However, Jimmy wasn’t alone in his dark operation. Click next to find out who his unsuspecting partner was.


11. Granddaughter Syl

His granddaughter Syl was his partner in crime! She never understood, nor agreed with, her grandma about the animals and after her grandpa told her his secret she rushed to help him.


12. Grandma Found Out

Three weeks into Jimmy’s operation his wife finally found out. Jimmy knew from the start that this day would come and was ready to face the consequences. See next what happened and how his wife found out about the kittens! You’ll never guess how…


13. Syl’s Twitter

Syl, during the secret operation of her grandpa, was taking photos which she published on Twitter. She wanted people to know how caring her grandpa was but she forgot that her grandma was following her on Twitter. Things starting to get a lot clearer now…


14. The Tweet

“My grandpa felt for the stray cats and would leave food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where my grandma doesn’t go,”

his granddaughter, Syl said and twittered among other tweets. One day, one of these tweets reached her grandma who rushed home, demanding answers.


15. Adorably Cute

The little kittens were adorably cute and loving but would they warm Jimmy’s wife’s heart? Find out next!

16. Warmed Wife’s Heart

Of course they did! His wife didn’t even make it a big issue as once she saw the kittens, her heart was instantly warmed and she seemed to have really understood why her husband decided to act behind her back.


17. Jimmy’s Present

Jimmy was relieved and decided to give his wife some beautiful sunflowers as a present. He was really thankful that his wife was understanding.


18. Raising Grandchildren Again

The couple was experiencing raising grandchildren again with the kittens. They agreed that they would take care of them to the point where they are full grown and ready to find a loving, forever home.


19. Connection

It isn’t far-fetched to assume that Jimmy knew from the start that his wife wouldn’t react madly, as he knew well that the person that was with him for so many years could understand him.


20. Well Done Grandpa

Jimmy managed to make his wish come true without risking his marriage while growing the little kittens. He was grateful for his wife’s understanding and excited to be a foster father to the kittens that he so much loved. A win-win for everyone… well done grandpa!