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Man’s Wife Dies Hours After Giving Birth – His Unique Way of Coping Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Matt Logelin and his wife, Liz, were incredibly excited for the newest addition to their family: a beautiful baby girl named Madeline. The couple was happy to start this new chapter of their life, when the absolute unthinkable happened. One day later, Liz passed away and suddenly Matt’s life turned upside down.

Unsure of how to cope, Matt turned to his blog and an unexpected turn of events quickly happened that would forever change his life for the better.

This tragic tale of a man left alone with a newborn daughter will leave you with a bittersweet feeling of appreciation for life’s many ups and downs.

High School Sweethearts


Matt and Liz both met in high school and had been together ever since. The pair was together for 12 years and their relationship was the perfect balance of personalities. Liz was an ambitious Disney executive while Matt worked for an Internet search engine.

Life was going great for the pair and it felt as if nothing could go wrong…


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This Unusual Friendship Between A Dog & A Duck Will Surprise You

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Bored Panda

Meet Max the dog and Quackers the duck. Max is a 12-year-old Husky and Quackers is a 4-year-old duck. These two are actual best friends and you’ll never catch them apart. They happen to live in a small town in Strout, Minnesota and everyone loves them! You won’t believe what a ruckus they’ve made.


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