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Liquid Sky Is Probably The Worst Cloud Gaming Solution Right Now



Cloud gaming is definitely the future, no matter what people think of it. It is the perfect solution for casual gamers who don’t want to invest money into rigs that they will use rarely. With cloud gaming, we are able to enjoy the latest titles on some PC far-far away and pay a small fee for renting it. At least that’s how it started out, as the market started to be more competitive things started to change.

My first cloud gaming experience was with OnLive and I was amazed how well it was working. There was no input lag and for a second I forgot that the game wasn’t running on my PC. When OnLive sold their tech to Sony for what is now PlayStation Now I was a bit bummed out but I found a replacement very fast. That replacement was Liquid Sky, a cloud gaming solution that was based on renting a PC rather than playing preinstalled games what was the case with OnLive. Liquid Sky was in beta, I applied for a slot and got it. Things were great until the 2.0 version came out.

The beta version was insanely great, the performance was unparalleled by any cloud gaming service you could find on the internet. I tested it on slow connections and it was still working perfectly fine, lower picture quality compensated for a fast response time. After a while, I realized that this could be my permanent gaming solution so I decided to buy credits for LiqidSky and some new games that I played on that PC. Then the app updated to version 2.0 and everything good just vanished. The performance from the beta version was nowhere to be found and user experience concerned no one in this company I would say.

Remember that I was playing games in the beta version with a connection of 10 Mbps. That was a nightmare with 2.0 so I upgraded to 50 Mbps, not a single thing changed. I had to downgrade visual performance and was forced to play on 720p if I wanted no input lag. That wasn’t the only issue, my games started crashing (mostly multiplayer games) but not in an ordinary way. I was getting a green screen while still hearing the sound from the game. It was obviously running in the background but I wasn’t getting feedback. If you think that’s all, oh no, these guys have more in store.

I gave the service a rest for about a month and wanted to log in again when I saw that they released an update in hopes that the bugs are fixed. I was greeted with a message – “Only monthly subscribers are allowed to play at peak hours“. Wait a minute, I have about 40 hours remaining to spend that I paid with REAL MONEY while the service was good. Now I can’t play unless I purchase a subscription for something that probably isn’t fixed yet? I left it there and forgot about it for a while. Came back about two weeks after that to see one last mind fuck from Liquid Sky.



It’s not the peak hours anymore, this thing is mandatory now! No matter how much money you spent on their pay as you go plan, which is still available by the way, you won’t be able to spend those credits without spending more money on a monthly plan!


After numerous emails where I asked for a refund at least I got nothing. I decided to ask them on Reddit about it and wrote a big text post explaining all of this in short. The post was held for moderation (all posts are now heavily moderated in their sub) and appeared to be deleted. Then I decided to contact the mods and ask why did they delete my post? Didn’t get a reply but the text was back, the post however, never appeared in the subreddit.

What was once a great hope for cloud gaming as a whole became the worst gaming related service that I ever encountered. They don’t care about their customers, beta testers aren’t respected at all even if we spent money on their service and, as you can see, some of us can’t even spend our credits that we bought.

I had only great words for Liquid Sky once, that time is long gone. They managed to destroy a perfectly working app and to show no respect to their customers in the process. Just stay away from them, at least for now. PlayStation Now, with all of its flaws, is definitely light years ahead.



Edit: In the text above I have mentioned that I downgraded the image quality to 480p, that wasn’t an option on Liquid Sky as they only offer 720p and 1080p image quality. Sincerest apology for that. They have also asked me to remove the part where I couldn’t access the service during peak hours because that only applied to free users and the part where I mentioned that a monthly plan is now mandatory. From all of this drama I have revealed that, due to a mistake on their end, I was treated by the software as a free user regardless of the 60 hours worth of credits that I had. Judging by the comments on this article I was not alone and I will not correct that part because it was true for me. I could not play at peak hours and I could not access my PC until I made a purchase. Since this issue was reported to them and I got no response until I wrote this peace I see no reason for those parts to be removed.

I have to mention that they also explained the Reddit issue:


This isn’t untrue, but our subreddit is not in use. We make it very obvious that our community forums is the place to go for help. It appears his post was auto moderated.


Nowhere in the subreddit does it say that it’s inactive.





  1. Linuxy

    November 1, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Nice try, I have some higher ups on LiquidSky. They are amazing! You should delete this post.

    • Linuxy

      November 1, 2017 at 9:41 pm

      Not a LS staff. Been playing for a long time on it tho

      • Linuxy

        November 1, 2017 at 10:55 pm

        Your in trouble….

        • CescoAiel

          November 3, 2017 at 7:15 am

          @Linuxy: And you’re delusional! (I assume English isn’t your first language, so I will refrain from remarks on syntax and grammar)

          Been on LS since 1.0 beta days, it got from great to moderate to suck-ish
          I need to use Parsec on it to be able to play without input lag!!!

    • Truth

      November 2, 2017 at 8:52 am

      Jesus man, that is really pathetic. I have been also a customer since the 1.0 days and LS2.0 SUCKS.
      – GPU performance is horrible. Weaker than a desktop GTX760.
      – IO performance is still very bad after the update. A game like Killing Floor 2 or Squad will take 30-50 minutes to load. THIRTY MINUTES!!!!
      – CPU performance got weaker since LS1.0 which is just ridiculous.
      – We have half the space since 1.0 (only 500gb, not 1000gb.)
      – The Elite plan disappeared.
      – The mouse grab issue is still not fixed, mouse handling is broken in plenty of games.
      – The input lag is still horrible.
      – The picture quality is awful.
      – Some games and programs can totally crash the SkyComputer (Shadow of War for example)
      – Windows is still unactivated.
      – There is no antivirus solution and Defender is disabled by force.

      Business plan has changed around 100 times since LS started.
      – Let’s be an affordable good service (1.0).
      – No, to hell with that, let’s have powerful pricey service (2.0) and let people use ads.
      – To hell with that, no ads for you, and no good performance for you either.
      – Actually, we should like do nothing but lock/hide forum posts about issues.

      These are not made up claims. These are facts. You can go and verify yourself.
      It’s ridiculous. The team is understaffed and underskilled.

      I think LiquidSky will flop HARD and very soon. They just don’t have the skills to run such a service.
      Maybe if they teamed up with Parsec, they could somehow manage – but I heavily doubt so.
      Every update takes them ages to deliver and the updates are half broken. It feels like the updates are just ordered through some Chinese programmer company who delivers them to some degree. You cannot even manage your finance details on the website or anywhere.

      tl;dr: LS is destined to die. Fast.
      But, we have Paperspace and also new competitors keep popping up every day. So the future looks better. LiquidSky is just damaging the entire cloud industry name/game. If they went out of business, everyone would be just better off.

  2. Jason

    November 1, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Hey Milos, I am really sorry to hear how you feel about the service. You should have access to the service as a former paying customer, regardless of when you paid. There might have been a mix up when customer support was processing your ticket. Please contact support and ask for Jason only. Unfortunately we get 100’s of requests of people asking for free access every day and I am afraid our support team might have labeled your case incorrectly.

    You should not have been treated this way and I sincerely apologize. I’d be happy to grant you access for you to actually test the service again. Our beta 2.0 launch was pretty dismal and overly ambitious. Fortunately we’ve corrected a lot since then and hope we meet your expectations.

    Hopefully we can earn your attention again and have you try it.

    • Milos Cuparic

      November 1, 2017 at 10:16 pm

      Dear Jason, thanks for trying to make this right but granting access to me only won’t solve the problem. I am sure that there are a lot of other users that spent money in beta, they also can’t access the service without a monthly subscription.
      If you can confirm that all of them will be granted access to the platform then I would gladly test your cloud gaming service again.

      • Jason

        November 1, 2017 at 10:40 pm

        I can assure any customer that had purchased any Skycredits at any point in time, subscriber or pay as you go has access. It appears your account fell through the cracks. Again we are sorry about that. Shoot me an email to be taken care of.

        • Haojie

          November 2, 2017 at 7:43 am

          I was also one of those people. I participated in beta and my account is now shut down because I didn’t buy credits after beta 2.0 was released. I paid for credits before the new beta and my account is still shut down. I am not going to bother getting my credits back as LiquidSky became a burden. Just please fix your app, it’s a terrible experience right now. I have already bought a gaming PC so LiquidSky is no longer needed but for those who still rely on it, please don’t ruin their experience like you ruined mine. Thanks.

      • Truth

        November 2, 2017 at 8:54 am

        Milos thanks for shedding light on LS, and please do not bend. Many have sold their souls (just look at the ridiculous “community moderators”) just for a little bit of “SkyCredits”. Don’t be one of them.

        • Milos Cuparic

          November 2, 2017 at 10:03 am

          Thanks and no chance man. I gave it a second chance after they fixed my account, it is still very bad and I feel like nothing changed. People who are praising LS are probably a part of their sponsorship program. See here –

          • Truth

            November 2, 2017 at 12:31 pm

            Agreed. And as I said they also buy people with credits. If you post anything negative on the forums, it will get raided by these fanboys in no time. Then the community mods (who also got paid with credits) will come soon after to hide and close the thread. Wish I was kidding.

            Then again, I doubt we will have to keep up with them for too long. They will either merge (sell / give their assets and technology to some other company/competitor), or will get bought up, or will just get sold/go bankrupt in no time. They had the money, and they could sell the idea, but they lack the skill to pull this off.

            Its just damaging the Cloud Gaming industry as a whole. ?

    • CescoAiel

      November 3, 2017 at 7:20 am

      @Jason: The problems with lag and excruciating slow harddisk are still there, and many are complaining! Fix that and you might have a chance of turning the tide of negative reviews around!
      A game that takes <1 min to load on my gamerig, and even less on PaperSpace takes 3-4 minutes on my SkypC
      Patching that same game takes 10-15 times as long on my SkyPC compared to the other 2!
      When playing with the LS client, my input latency varies from instant to 20-30 seconds!!!!
      When playing the same game on the same SkyPC, my video and input latency are rock-solid!!!

      I *do* have a monthly plan, but with 30k in credits and not using it because of the lag and harddisk issues, I am thinking of cancelling it!

  3. 8°8division8*8

    November 2, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Lol what lying jerks, I was told that I had to buy another pay-as-you-go to be able to use the credits I previously bought. Liquidsky is just a bunch of apologists trying to make things right by doing more wrong. I mean look at their forums, they hire aggressive moderators, can’t offer direct support, and have a bad community of more apologists telling you that your problems are nothing and “everything is perfect for me” to argue you to giving up. I’ve been using Liquidsky since 2.0 launch and had nothing but problems with the creators, the moderators, the launcher, the skypc, the support, and the forums. Shame on you, Liquidsky. Thanks for making this article, you’re actually bringing light to some of the major issues of this company that others are too scared of doing.

  4. CescoAiel

    November 3, 2017 at 8:11 am

    Amen! unfortunately I can only agree with these negative reviews… ?

  5. smarter-than-neo

    November 24, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Liquidsky is a worthless, pathetic service. All technical issues asides (and thats a LOT to forgive) the whole philosophy doesnt make any sense. It is supposed to be casual gamers services, (otherwise you would just buy yourself a pc or a console) but you are forced to buy a mothly plan for 20usd/month, which is ridiculous given the fact that you can just buy yourself a new console every two years for the same price. If you buy yourself credits , you will soon found out that without the subscription your sky computer is deleted after merely 7 days of inactivity, so you can start over with all the settings and installing. Who is the target audience for this nonsense you tell me Liquidsky team? There is about 5000 credits left on my profile, you can choke on them!

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17./13. [PS4] Gran Turismo Sport # {2017.10.19} – 5.063 / 187.503
18./09. [PS4] .hack//G.U. Last Recode # {2017.11.01} – 3.738 / 72.214
19./20. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo+ {2016.11.23} – 3.444 / 270.765
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|  NSW  |     86.999 |     79.958 |            |  2.252.328 |            |  2.252.328  |
|  3DS  |     43.480 |     19.369 |    107.631 |  1.372.373 |  1.334.965 | 23.533.114  |
|  PS4  |     26.302 |     26.058 |     38.026 |  1.471.814 |  1.191.150 |  5.480.133  |
|  PSV  |      3.090 |      3.210 |      9.191 |    293.179 |    676.103 |  5.736.246  |
|  XB1  |        247 |      1.465 |        186 |      8.071 |      6.490 |     83.654  |
|  PS3  |         46 |         41 |        625 |     19.919 |     56.347 | 10.469.706  |
|  WIU  |         43 |         36 |      3.251 |     15.500 |    263.647 |  3.328.708  |
|  ALL  |    160.207 |    130.137 |    158.910 |  5.433.184 |  3.528.702 | 50.883.889  | 



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FIFA 18 Feels Like a Free-To-Play Game



I know that you probably had it with EA and their bad business policy but I feel that this is an issue that has to be addressed. I was a big fan of this title since the PS One days. When EA started adding player packs and FUT it felt like a money grab to me and I stopped buying their games. Came back after a few years later and saw a lot of changes… for the worst.

If you are unfamiliar with FIFA Ultimate Team, it is a mode where you start with a crappy team, earn cash by playing games, spend that cash on packs or on the transfer market to build a better squad, rinse and repeat. Sounds a bit grindy? Well, it is. Not only that, it’s exhausting and frustrating because there are people who spent real money to skip this part. Chances are that your 70 rating squad will be up against an 85 rating squad in the 10th division just because that someone bought a more expensive version of the game where he got Ronaldo on a loan and a bunch of FIFA points that he spent on gold player packs. Skills don’t usually help in these situations.

Another thing that really bothered me is the draft mode. I remember reading about it when it was introduced to FIFA and it was an idea I really loved. You choose a formation, click on a position and get a bunch of random players to choose for that position. RNG is strong in this one and I think it would be very fun to play. Why did I say “would be”? Because I can’t freaking play it! I bought a $60 game that has a game mode I am not allowed to play just yet. It costs 15,000 coins to play it. Really EA? Couldn’t you at least give us one free ride? Does a fully priced game have to be all about grinding?

To put this into perspective, you will need to play at least 30 games to make this much coins. Then you will have the toughest decision of them all. Buy a gold player pack or have some fun with draft mode? Either of them can bring you more money or get you back to zero. Yes, it’s just like gambling, I know.

I will skip the input lag issues, matchmaking problems, and all that stuff. If you want to get more info on that the Daily Mail has you covered. What I want to talk about here is this pay-to-win system that has evolved over the years. I, as a player who came back 5 or 6 years later, feel so inferior on the field because everyone has a better team than me.

Before I propose a fix for this game I want to mention one more interesting detail that has been around since the first FUT mode – contracts. When you buy a player from the transfer market he has a certain amount of games that he can play for your club until his contract has ended. Of course, you can buy more contracts on the market with real or fake money. Complete nonsense!

What I would like to do is to propose some fixes for EA before we all stop playing their games that are getting worse and worse. First of all, rethink everything that you are doing with FUT. We already gave you $60 or $80 for the game. Do you really expect us to be complete brainless morons and grind for in-game currency for days just so we can buy an 80 rating player that has decent pace? I don’t think so. Either give some free gold packs to get us started or remove the mode completely.

Match bonuses are insanely low. If you lose a match you will be getting about 350-400 coins. A win will probably get you a 100 more. If you have a streak of bad luck and end up playing against people who spent real money on players you will probably end up losing. Even if you win you won’t feel good about it because another one with Ronaldo up front is about to appear very soon. This could be easily fixed with bigger rewards based on the rating difference between teams. If you beat a team that has 10 or 20 rating more than you I think that you deserve 1K coins on top of your regular reward, don’t you think?

Remember when EA thought that free to play model is the next big thing and they went all out with FIFA world, NFS world and more F2P titles? Back in the day all of this made sense. You get a game for free and it’s up to you if you want to pay or grind for players. Cash was easier to obtain and it wasn’t a mission impossible to obtain superstar players. But then someone at EA probably said “why don’t we keep charging for games but keep this same model?” and they all went “what a wonderful idea…”. Please try to understand that FIFA 18 isn’t a free game, we paid 60 freaking dollars for it!!!

Here is the most important thing you guys need to do at EA. Have one of your workers start playing FUT, give him as much time he needs and report back to us when he has a decent 85-90 rating team. Tell us how long did it take? Was it fun for him? Did he feel great when pay-to-win players pounded him all day long until he bought a few normal players that can compete with them? Maybe then you will understand that your game isn’t fun at all.

If you are thinking about buying this game, please don’t. This is a broken system and the most greedy scheme I ever saw. A $60 game never felt more like a F2P title. It is time consuming, frustrating and boring. You will have no fun playing it unless you enjoy playing FUT VS AI on Amateur difficulty. Everything above that is badly scripted but that is a story for a different time.

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