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NBA 2K18 Gets Worse With Every New Patch



Almost a month after the game release, it seems that 2K can’t manage to fix the game that was criticised by the players for a while now. Some had issues with microtransactions, some pointed out the frame drops and now a lot of them agree that NBA 2K18 gets worse with every new patch.


The 2K universe caused frame drops on both PlayStation and Xbox, the only console that didn’t have this issue was the PS Pro because of the better hardware. There have been also some lag issues because the game loads the whole environment. This could be solved by blurring out the objects in the distance but 2K18 is full of ads that have to be loaded at all times. Just another reason to think that they don’t care about user experience.

The big issue before the latest patch was that people couldn’t join the Prime arena with their team all at once. If you wanted to manage that, all of your friends, including you, had to join at the same time, and if it didn’t work you have to do it all over again. Now, that issue is fixed but another one emerged. A lot of times you won’t be able to play a game with your friends because it won’t load you into the game. It will just crash or act like you never searched for a game in the first place.

The closet or features in MyCourt most of the time won’t work. It doesn’t happen every time but it’s constantly there since launch so that’s another thing 2K can’t seem to fix.

Two days ago there was a Mountain Dew event (another advertisement in your face presented by 2K) and it was just terrible. To enter the event you had to register on a court reserved for 3v3 games and that was a very hard thing to do. It caused a lot of players to just teleport to a random court on the map and even then a lot of them couldn’t join a game. You can see all the flaws in this video below from Chris Smoove.


Is someone at 2K even testing this game? I don’t think so. They just “fix” the bugs and cause something else to break in the process. But it’s worth noting that their sponsors and ads are always showing up smoothly so you will never miss a Mountain Dew commercial in the game. They nailed that perfectly!

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