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Denuvo Was Silently Removed From The Evil Within 2 By Bethesda

Denuvo, that protection that guarantees anti-cracking in games has been proven useless just a day after Shadow of War released. The game got cracked in less than 24 hours and Bethesda chose to remove Denuvo completely from Evil Within 2 without any public notice.

DSO gaming got a review copy from Bethesda and they confirmed the presence of Denuvo in the game.


Another upcoming title that will be using Denuvo is The Evil Within 2. Contrary to Warner Bros, Bethesda has provided us with a review code for The Evil Within 2. As such, we can confirm that Denuvo is present in it.


Now, if you check The Evil Within‘s steam page you can see that Denuvo was removed and there is no mention of it. The only logical reason for doing so is because SOW got cracked so fast that there is no point in using Denuvo anymore. DMR has been proven useless for a long time now and CD Project Red probably had the best explanation for it in Witcher 3.




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