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Despite The Loot Crates Controversy Shadow of War Is a Big Success

There has been a lot of talk about loot crates inside Shadow of War, a game that was bombarded with criticism for a while now. One could argue that there was no other game that was more criticised for loot crates than this one but that didn’t affect sales, not even a bit.

The criticism was so intense that OpenCritic decided to take a stand with the players and address the issue. All of the drama brought even more attention to the game and proven once again that loot crate criticism exists only on forums. In this example, we can see that any form of marketing is good marketing when it comes to games. By bashing it for loot crates and discussing are they affecting the game or not, we just made consumers more aware of it and helped Warner Bross to make even more sales.

Two days after the release the game had 63, 092 concurrent players. According to steam spy, the game sold almost 200, 000 copies in two days and this is Steam only. You could say that it was an instant success.

Why am I bringing up these stats? This should be a lesson to journalists and the players alike, you can’t change anything that the industry wants to force on us. Loot crates and microtransactions are here to stay and we can’t change a single thing. The only thing that can be done is law regulation, a thing we talked about before. The petition we linked needs roughly 1,5k more signatures and the issue will be addressed by the UK parliament. It doesn’t mean there will be regulations but it’s worth a shot.


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