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Wired Controller For PS4 Releases On October 19 In Japan

A wired controller for PS4 is set to be released on November 19 in Japan and it is developed by Hori. It will come in two colors. One will be completely white and the other one will be Dragon Quest themed. The price is set at 3,218 yen and reservations can be made today.

The controller has a different style than the original PS4 controller. The share, home, and PS buttons are close together now. The Dragon Quest themed controller looks exactly the same but has a different color scheme.



The controller will be 135 mm in width and will weigh 120 g. The button in the middle is supposed to simulate the touchpad button functions. It is stated that stheadphone/microphonephone , light bar, vibration function and motion sensor functions are not supported.


Slime Edition on Amazon

White Edition on Amazon


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