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Cuphead Review – A Masterpiece That Will Make You Hate Yourself



Why are we so late with the Cuphead review? If you get your hands on Cuphead in the near future you will understand. This game is made to crush your hopes and dreams, to show you how bad at gaming you really are before it lets you pass to the next boss fight, that’s what Cuphead is.

I know there are a lot of reviews out there that claimed Cuphead isn’t as hard as people are saying, check their gameplay, they were playing the game on easy mode so please stay away from me with their bs. The tutorial is rather easy though. Cuphead is as hard as it gets and I love it because of that. After defeating the first 2 bosses I felt like I’m the guy that will beat this game in 5 hours and debunk all these “Dark Souls of anything” myths, but Cuphead hit back. The game was just getting warmed up and I wasn’t prepared.

Difficulty Is Constantly Scaling

The difficulty scaling is so perfectly done I was impressed, to say the least. Every boss fight was a new and harder challenge that tests your reflexes and your nerves. Friendly advice: if you are playing this game on PC, use a controller. The game is even harder to play on a keyboard and it really feels like it was made for a controller. The boss fights will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole time. Every boss is unique, some can be defeated with only one or two types of shooting, some will require patience and timing. As I said, it gets harder every time.


There Is No OP Ability In The Game

When I started to play I went to the shop and bought the “chaser shooting” ability. I was going through the first level like a hot knife through butter, it was so easy that I had an impression that this game can’t be that hard if you have homing projectiles that will kill your enemies before they even show up. Boy, was I wrong… The guys from MDHR thought of everything, and they have a lot of creative ways to sabotage your “chaser” shooting plan. It’s really surprising how every single upgrade is so well balanced. You can get an extra hitpoint but will cause less damage, you can be invisible while dashing but will have to time it just right…


The Dialogue

There is none. Well, there technically is but not that much. The story is so good and clear that you don’t need any more explanation for it. Just follow the map and make your way to the devil, that’s it. Most of the encounters on your journey will be explanations for some levels that you might need. Who needs a dialogue after throwing their controller on the floor a couple of times? These guys thought of everything!


Hitboxes and Boss Design

I know that the game is mega popular right now, all those sold copies and all those players but I also know that a lot of those people have no idea that the game was hand drawn. Every single detail in this game was hand drawn and they did a hell of a job. The bosses don’t say much, most of the time it’s some jibberish that you won’t even understand but you will know what they wanted to say. Even when you die 20 times in a row you will still want to play because the boss is designed in a way to keep you entertained before, during and after the fight. There is one thing that really got my attention and that’s the hitboxes in this game. I don’t know if you ever experienced perfection but if there is such a thing then the hitboxes in Cuphead are the definition of it.


The Game Is Not Comparable

Cuphead is very unique, in every possible way. The game can’t be compared to anything out there, the closest you will get is probably Metal Slug and Contra but Cuphead is so much more than that. The art, the difficulty, the feeling when you play the game… It’s simply incomparable. Cuphead is the first of its kind and we should accept it as is.

Final Verdict

Since 2014 I was patiently waiting and waiting… Cuphead got my interest since it was announced and now I know why. The game gave me everything that I wanted, the unique art style, the insanely fun and hard gameplay, the nerve-wracking gameplay that will leave scars on my soul for the rest of my life and most importantly, it showed me that we all suck at games when they are created properly. There are no in-game purchases, no pre-alphas, pre-betas, early access, season passes, no microtransactions…. Are you taking notes 2K and the rest of the blood-sucking pricks? We forgot to appreciate this, it’s how games were made and how games are supposed to be made. For $20 I got a complete, finished, polished game that is a true masterpiece. In the year 2017 when everyone is trying to rip us off with “cosmetics” and loot boxes, MDHR just slapped them all in the face and said, “here, this is how you should do it dumb-dumbs”.

When we started this website I made a rule for my self, that rule is that only one game can be a true masterpiece and get a 10/10. I thought that I will have to wait for a long time for such a game but Cuphead proved the opposite. This will be the only game that I will ever rate as a perfect





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15 Things You Never Knew About Game of Thrones




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The Night King –

Game of Thrones has finally returned to our screens with season seven premiering to huge praise from fans and critics alike. So, it’s safe to say that being obsessed with Westeros will be quite common for the next seven weeks, so let us help you with that. Here are 15 things you never knew about Game of Thrones.

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Media Create Sales: Week 46, 2017 (Nov 13 – Nov 19)



New media create sales sees Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon topping the charts. Super Mario Oddysey is in third place and the boycotted EA game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is in fourth with 38.769 units sold.

01./00. [3DS] Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon {2017.11.17} – 667.439 / NEW
02./00. [3DS] Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon Dual Pack {Pokemon Ultra Sun \\ Pokemon Ultra Moon} {2017.11.17} – 247.782 / NEW
03./01. [NSW] Super Mario Odyssey # (Nintendo) {2017.10.27} – 62.024 / 714.308
04./00. [PS4] Star Wars Battlefront II {2017.11.14} – 38.769 / NEW
05./02. [PS4] Call of Duty: World War II # {2017.11.03} – 34.116 / 269.483
06./03. [NSW] Splatoon 2 {2017.07.21} – 25.118 / 1.343.255
07./00. [WIU] Dragon Quest X: 5,000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown Online {2017.11.16} – 24.836 / NEW
08./00. [NSW] Dragon Quest X: 5,000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown Online {2017.11.16} – 18.444 / NEW
09./05. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe {2017.04.28} – 16.532 / 819.004
10./00. [PS4] Dragon Quest X: 5,000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown Online {2017.11.16} – 13.657 / NEW
11./12. [NSW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild # {2017.03.03} – 7.004 / 641.853
12./18. [NSW] Pokken Tournament DX {2017.09.22} – 6.642 / 122.333
13./08. [3DS] Girls Mode 4 {2017.11.02} – 6.523 / 48.349
14./04. [PS4] Need for Speed Payback {2017.11.10} – 6.440 / 27.404
15./07. [PS4] ARK: Survival Evolved {2017.10.26} – 6.178 / 109.978
16./06. [PS4] Assassin’s Creed Origins {2017.10.27} – 5.593 / 88.336
17./13. [PS4] Gran Turismo Sport # {2017.10.19} – 5.063 / 187.503
18./09. [PS4] .hack//G.U. Last Recode # {2017.11.01} – 3.738 / 72.214
19./20. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo+ {2016.11.23} – 3.444 / 270.765
20./00. [PS4] The Sims 4 # {2017.11.14} – 3.428 / NEW

Top 20 

PS4 – 9
NSW – 6
3DS – 4
WIU – 1



|System |  This Week |  Last Week |  Last Year |     YTD    |  Last YTD  |     LTD     |
|  NSW  |     86.999 |     79.958 |            |  2.252.328 |            |  2.252.328  |
|  3DS  |     43.480 |     19.369 |    107.631 |  1.372.373 |  1.334.965 | 23.533.114  |
|  PS4  |     26.302 |     26.058 |     38.026 |  1.471.814 |  1.191.150 |  5.480.133  |
|  PSV  |      3.090 |      3.210 |      9.191 |    293.179 |    676.103 |  5.736.246  |
|  XB1  |        247 |      1.465 |        186 |      8.071 |      6.490 |     83.654  |
|  PS3  |         46 |         41 |        625 |     19.919 |     56.347 | 10.469.706  |
|  WIU  |         43 |         36 |      3.251 |     15.500 |    263.647 |  3.328.708  |
|  ALL  |    160.207 |    130.137 |    158.910 |  5.433.184 |  3.528.702 | 50.883.889  | 



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FIFA 18 Feels Like a Free-To-Play Game



I know that you probably had it with EA and their bad business policy but I feel that this is an issue that has to be addressed. I was a big fan of this title since the PS One days. When EA started adding player packs and FUT it felt like a money grab to me and I stopped buying their games. Came back after a few years later and saw a lot of changes… for the worst.

If you are unfamiliar with FIFA Ultimate Team, it is a mode where you start with a crappy team, earn cash by playing games, spend that cash on packs or on the transfer market to build a better squad, rinse and repeat. Sounds a bit grindy? Well, it is. Not only that, it’s exhausting and frustrating because there are people who spent real money to skip this part. Chances are that your 70 rating squad will be up against an 85 rating squad in the 10th division just because that someone bought a more expensive version of the game where he got Ronaldo on a loan and a bunch of FIFA points that he spent on gold player packs. Skills don’t usually help in these situations.

Another thing that really bothered me is the draft mode. I remember reading about it when it was introduced to FIFA and it was an idea I really loved. You choose a formation, click on a position and get a bunch of random players to choose for that position. RNG is strong in this one and I think it would be very fun to play. Why did I say “would be”? Because I can’t freaking play it! I bought a $60 game that has a game mode I am not allowed to play just yet. It costs 15,000 coins to play it. Really EA? Couldn’t you at least give us one free ride? Does a fully priced game have to be all about grinding?

To put this into perspective, you will need to play at least 30 games to make this much coins. Then you will have the toughest decision of them all. Buy a gold player pack or have some fun with draft mode? Either of them can bring you more money or get you back to zero. Yes, it’s just like gambling, I know.

I will skip the input lag issues, matchmaking problems, and all that stuff. If you want to get more info on that the Daily Mail has you covered. What I want to talk about here is this pay-to-win system that has evolved over the years. I, as a player who came back 5 or 6 years later, feel so inferior on the field because everyone has a better team than me.

Before I propose a fix for this game I want to mention one more interesting detail that has been around since the first FUT mode – contracts. When you buy a player from the transfer market he has a certain amount of games that he can play for your club until his contract has ended. Of course, you can buy more contracts on the market with real or fake money. Complete nonsense!

What I would like to do is to propose some fixes for EA before we all stop playing their games that are getting worse and worse. First of all, rethink everything that you are doing with FUT. We already gave you $60 or $80 for the game. Do you really expect us to be complete brainless morons and grind for in-game currency for days just so we can buy an 80 rating player that has decent pace? I don’t think so. Either give some free gold packs to get us started or remove the mode completely.

Match bonuses are insanely low. If you lose a match you will be getting about 350-400 coins. A win will probably get you a 100 more. If you have a streak of bad luck and end up playing against people who spent real money on players you will probably end up losing. Even if you win you won’t feel good about it because another one with Ronaldo up front is about to appear very soon. This could be easily fixed with bigger rewards based on the rating difference between teams. If you beat a team that has 10 or 20 rating more than you I think that you deserve 1K coins on top of your regular reward, don’t you think?

Remember when EA thought that free to play model is the next big thing and they went all out with FIFA world, NFS world and more F2P titles? Back in the day all of this made sense. You get a game for free and it’s up to you if you want to pay or grind for players. Cash was easier to obtain and it wasn’t a mission impossible to obtain superstar players. But then someone at EA probably said “why don’t we keep charging for games but keep this same model?” and they all went “what a wonderful idea…”. Please try to understand that FIFA 18 isn’t a free game, we paid 60 freaking dollars for it!!!

Here is the most important thing you guys need to do at EA. Have one of your workers start playing FUT, give him as much time he needs and report back to us when he has a decent 85-90 rating team. Tell us how long did it take? Was it fun for him? Did he feel great when pay-to-win players pounded him all day long until he bought a few normal players that can compete with them? Maybe then you will understand that your game isn’t fun at all.

If you are thinking about buying this game, please don’t. This is a broken system and the most greedy scheme I ever saw. A $60 game never felt more like a F2P title. It is time consuming, frustrating and boring. You will have no fun playing it unless you enjoy playing FUT VS AI on Amateur difficulty. Everything above that is badly scripted but that is a story for a different time.

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