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Activision’s Marketing Department Obviously Thinks That Advertising Microtransactions Will Generate More Sales

So, as we have mentioned so many times before, microtransactions will continue to ignore user experience, they will slowly become a norm and we can see them evolving every day. This image was taken on Steam, it is an advertisement for COD WWll and I can’t emphasize how bad this is.


I have a couple of questions for the marketing department. Where is a guy with a gun, where is a flag of a nation, is this what war looks like? When I think COD I think guns, explosions, airplanes… I can see them in the background, fading into the darkness of microtransactions. Are we fighting over CP now Activision?

“Pre-purchase now to get more in-game currency” is this what we should expect from game advertising from this point on? As one comment on this Reddit post predicts, we might be seeing games to go a full circle. Let’s just buy coins, play until we die in the game and then have to insert another one.

I don’t know about you but I have stopped buying all full priced games that have in-game currency a long time ago. Buying those will only encourage developers and publishers to continue with this nonsense and make our games even more expensive.

This whole mess has to be addressed by the players, not big gaming websites. They will never mention this as an issue, they won’t include microtransactions in game reviews, they will completely ignore them because they don’t want to get blacklisted and lose their precious review copies and funding from ads. We, the gamers, have to speak with our wallets. If they offer us in-game currency we should simply say NO!

One more thing. You have probably heard about the many problems the game is facing in their beta testing phase. If not see here. The servers are flooded with hackers and Activision didn’t say anything about that issue, instead, they come up with an add like this. What they are saying is “Yes, there are hackers but we have this sweet deal, 1,100 CP with a pre-purchase! Isn’t that sweet?” If I’m wrong, please correct me Activision… I know you can’t.

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