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Sony Will Not Be Competing With Nintendo In Portable Gaming Says Andrew House

Andrew House, the president of Sony Interactive, has stated that the attractiveness of portable game machines is limited in some areas, especially Europe and that is the reason why Sony will not be trying to compete with Nintendo Switch for now.

Andrew House continued to explain how the Switch is adaptable to all environments. You can play it indoors as well as outdoors with multiplayer options. That is something Sony didn’t manage to achieve with their handheld consoles and they don’t plan to make big changes now.

Mr. House was asked if we will be seeing a successor to PS Vita but he didn’t give a definite answer. “We will be focusing on platforms that can be played in the living room for now”.

Sales of PSVita, which was expected to be a successor to PSP, were sluggish. It could not live up to the name of PSP that was a hit in 2004 when ti was released. Another big factor in portable gaming is the ever-spreading use of smartphones, and Sony established “Forward Works” last year that provides game applications for that market.


On the other hand, their competitor, Nintendo, is also showing interest in the mobile market with Super Mario Run. With that game, they have proved that the company is ready to put more focus into mobile gaming if necessary and be an equal, if not superior, to the current competition in mobile gaming.


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