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New York Comic-Con 2017 Square Enix Line Up And Events

Square Enix will offer hands-on access to a lot of their titles.

These titles include Secret of Mana, Spelunker Party!, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Gravel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Lost Sphear and Project Hikari.

You can find Square Enix @Booth #1804.

Various events will take place at Comic-Con too, such as a Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tournament where the show attendees can take part in where they can win limited edition prizes. Drafts and Sealed tournaments for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game will take place as well as Petit Cups that will be held outside of the convention.

The Trading Card Petit Cups will be something like community meetup events where players can challenge each other in informal tournaments and win prizes.

The event calendar kicks off on October 6 at Silk Road Gaming (30 Mott St. New York, New York) for gunslinger-style challenges, followed by an official FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME tournament the following day, October 7. More information on both the Petit Cup and on-site events will be available on the FFTCG Official Facebook Page.

Exclusive Members rewards can be won in the text message sweepstakes that’s going to be hosted by the Square Enix Members Team. Those that sign-up will have daily chances to receive giveaways as well as rewards.

On October 7 at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, Square Enix Members will also be hosting a special signing session at the booth with FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Global Producer, Hiroki Fujimoto.

Finally, considering this is Comic-Con we’re talking about, there might be a small chance of Square Enix revealing information or even a gameplay trailer for the new Avengers game that is being co-developed by Crystal Dynamics ( Rise of the Tomb Raider ) and Eidos Montreal ( The Deus Ex Reboots ). Nothing about the game being at comic-con has been mentioned or confirmed, but one can hope, right?


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