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Zelda BOTW Wins Game Of The Year Award at Japan Game Awards 2017

Japan Game Awards 2017 was held at the Tokyo Game Show this year and Zelda Breath Of The Wild won the game of the year award. Nintendo really did a great job with the game and it comes as no surprise to anyone. Persona 5 won the “Award for Excellence” along with Overwatch and many other titles that had an amazing performance this year.

· Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize
Pokemon GO Project Team

· Global Award Japan Works

Pokemon Sun/Moon

· Global Awards Overseas Work Section


· Best Sales Awards Japan Works

Pokemon Sun/Moon

· Special Prize

PlayStation VR · 

Game Designers Awards


· Award for Excellence

Persona 5
Pokemon Sun/Moon
Final Fantasy XV
Resident Evil 7
NieR Automata
Horizon Zero Dawn
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Monster Hunter XX

· Game Of The Year
Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild




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