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2K Games Went a Bit Too Far With Microtransactions This Time


NBA 2K18 didn’t get accepted very well in the gaming community even though the game had some great improvements regarding gameplay. Microtransactions have gone too far this time.

Someone at 2K obviously thought that it’s time to try and push microtransactions a step further this time and it backfired. Kotaku pointed out some major flaws with visual changes. For example, you can’t view how a haircut will look like on your character until you purchase it. What they forgot to add is that once you purchase a haircut and then decide to change it you can’t go back to the previous one. It has to be purchased again!

6,000 VC is added to your account once you start the game but when you spend all of it on player stats your overall rating will go from 60 to 62… Aditional VC can be earned by playing games but you won’t have much playtime with a 62 rating obviously. More VC can be purchased for real cash. 75k VC costs $20. There is also an ultimate VC pack of 450k that you can buy for $100. So basically, if you want to have a full gaming experience this game is going to cost you a staggering $160.

One Reddit user did some calculations and as it turns out you will have to play 240 NBA games to get your rating up to 86, and that will happen only if you get an A+ grade every game. He also pointed out some key flaws in the game.

  • You will need about 240 NBA games to get to 86 overall and that’s if you get A+ every game, C grade is about 360 games and B about 300

  • You cant preview haircuts

  • Haircuts cost money even tho they were free in previous games

  • Filters resets in My Team Auction House every time to make sniping almost impossible and to make people buy VC

  • No bonus for playing on high difficulties in My Career.

  • Pro (lowest difficulty) is completely broken and some people (including me) cant make a layup or a shot to save our life, is 2k trying to make us buy VC to upgrade our player?

  • You cant preview your ratings before you upgrade your player



User ratings on Steam are at 5/10 now. The same goes for the IGN community ratings but it didn’t stop IGN from giving the game an 8.4? They even mention that in-game purchases are ruining the user experience.

This haves and have-nots problem is magnified because, again, individual players on the court play much more closely to their strengths and weaknesses than before. So when you start out, your 60-rated player is pretty much bad across the board. The people who paid money and have better skills are still not great at everything, but no one is going to want to play with your 60 because you’re now even more of a liability. It just feels really perplexing to make a competitive online mode so focused on character stats, because that means getting up to speed means either paying out money or grinding for hours to make yourself viable.


Grinding for stats? That sounds like a fremium game model doesn’t it? 2K probably thinks that we are entering a new era where anything is permitted for game publishers. There will always be people who will defend this but the “It’s only visuals” argument isn’t valid anymore. These purchases affect gameplay directly so congratulations 2K, you managed to implement a pay-to-win system in a full price game! Also, do you feel no shame when you put a $150 price tag on your “NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold” and add “Contains in-app purchases”. Do our games cost $200+ now?

As a big fan of NBA 2K, I have to say that this is the first time I wish this franchise will die. 2K is a company that doesn’t care about feedback and they will keep this system for 2K19, I can guarantee that. If people keep buying this game this will become a standard and more publishers will implement the same system if they see that it is working.





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