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Nintendo Disables Comments on All YouTube Videos In Japan

This is a lesser known fact in the gaming community. Nintendo disables comments on all YouTube videos, but so do a lot of other companies.

While looking into this issue we came across a lot of different opinions. For those who are familiar with Japanese culture, it is a well-known fact that people from Japan will always be less critical when speaking to someone in person. When they go online, obviously things are a bit different.

Japanese take fictional characters very seriously, a while back they posted some pretty bad comments on the Cinnamoroll Twitter account, a fictional character made by Sanrio. They sent messages like “Go kill yourself” and “Die” along with death threats. Again, this is a fictional character.

A lot of online hate can also be found on Amazon Japan where the users post a lot of hateful comments on almost any products they came across in the Games section. Japanese Reviews on Amazon are spammed with “Kusoge” (a combination of the words Kuso -Sh*t- and Game) headlines. Fans of Sony related products are called Cockroaches.

As we said, Nintendo is not alone in this one.  Sony also disables comments in Japan and Square Enix goes a step further, they don’t allow both comments and likes.


We can only come to a conclusion that toxicity is the main reason for this policy even though we have a disturbing degree of toxicity in the western community as well.


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