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Sony Announces “SRS-WS 1” Shoulder Speakers in Japan

According to Jin 115, Sony has just announced shoulder speakers that will make you feel “wrapped up in sound”.

The product is labeled “SRS-WS 1” and will come at a price of 25, 000 yen (225 USD). The speaker section trembles with the bass. Vibration will have three settings – strong, medium and weak. Medium setting will allocate 80 Hz or less to vibration.

This technology should go well with the VR headset and provide a full surround sound experience to the player. It consists of a speaker section, a transmitter, and a charging stand. The speaker has a full range unit of 30 mm in diameter, giving a feeling of being wrapped by a slit structure that distributes the sound to the ear and a diffuser that adjusts the direction of the sound.



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