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Lawbreakers Player Count Drops Below 50 on Steam

We all knew that Cliff Bleszinski’s controversial comments would hurt Lawbreakers but it looks like nothing stops this game from a crash landing right now.

As we already reported, the game got below 500 concurrent players just a month after launch, largely thanks to Cliff Bleszinski’s negative comments on Twitter where he stated that you should play Overwatch if you love getting one shotted in games. Now, the game that should have been Overwatch’s competition is going down, and it seems that nothing can reverse the situation now.

Source – Steamcharts


Even though there is more content to come to Lawbreakers the question stands, will there be any players left to download that content?

  1. The statement isn’t really that offensive, considering the fact its ironic for lifeless gamers to hear the words “one shotted” from fps developers. It’s like strapping on a rocket launcher and hoping it shoots ponies.

    No I’m not an fps fan!

    Meh on September 11 | Reply
  2. Dead Game

    Brett on September 11 | Reply
  3. shame! I enjoyed it while it lasted. I log on but never find a game.

    jeff on September 12 | Reply
    • Nice try, Cliff.

      Tyrone on September 13 | Reply
  4. Dev killed his own game.

    Dead on Arrival yet again. Called it.

    God Emperor on September 12 | Reply
  5. Funny how he told people to go play Overwatch, and then soon after nearly everyone who bought this went to do exactly that

    don joe on September 12 | Reply
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