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God Of War Game Director Cory Barlog Reveals New Info About The Game On PlayStation Podcast

Game director Cory Barlog was a guest on a PlayStation’s podcast and they talked a bit more about the game, the hidden questlines, magic, importance of runes in the game and more. We will point out the most important parts of that interview.

Hidden questlines, languages in the game – 14:33

Elder Futhark is the base language of the game, but every realm in the game has its own, and for certain realms will be possible to learn their entire language. Translating something back might help to open parts of the game and reveal hidden questlines.

Magic and items – 11:00; 23:09

Magic in the game all involves words, spoken incantations and runes; a earth magic is mentioned for example that involves touching the ground to use parts of something (maybe parts of dead enemies? Parts of the enviroments like rocks and roots/vines?). An item is also mentioned that you can access that Kratos can open for the kid to get pieces of story and recall stories his mother told to him.

Runes and puzzles – 8:07; 20:27

In the game, runes connects the characters to the magic of the world (tattoing a rune on a person, like Atreus, will embue the person with a power) but are also there to create the sense of a barrier between the player/Kratos and the world. Kratos will need the help of Atreus to translate the runes. Some puzzles will involve reading runes and translating them to make a decision.

Differences between greek gods and norse gods – 24:50; 26:40

Nordic gods are vastly different from the greek gods. Balrog compares the greek gods to politicians living in marble palaces that likes to manipulate people into doing things, while he describes the norse gods (Æsir, Vanir and Giants) as more “down to earth”. The Æsir are living every moments to its fullest, always ready to “party”, fight and drink. The Vanir are living in armony with nature, always seeking balance and are the keepers of magic. The Giants are like “artists” that creates fantastic creations and the ones that are eventually victimized by a never ending war between the other two races.


After that talk where Cory Barlog told us that the game received a lot of criticism in the beginning, now it is clear why he was so confident and didn’t care much about that. It is really great to see how they contextualized the lore and logic of Kratos’s place in the Norse lands and the setting.

New concept art has also been revealed







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