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Naughty Dog Goes On a Hiring Spree For The Last Of Us 2

Recent news from Twitter and possible leaked photo reveal what Naughty Dog may have in store for us in the coming months for The Last Of Us 2.

It has been 8 months since Naughty Dog gave us the reveal trailer for The Last Of Us 2 and since then people have been speculating when will we have a release date. The closest we got was maybe late 2018 to early 2019. Most of us expected more info about the game at Gamescom but got nothing again.

This recent Tweet from Anthony Newman, Co-lead designer at Naughty Dog has given new hope that the development process will speed up since they are going on a real hiring spree.

There has also a debate running on Reddit about a supposed leaked photo that confirms a reveal at MCM ComicCon in Scotland this September. The photo is tagged as a leak but Joel’s face looks like it has been taken from part one and we know that his face in Part II hasn’t been shown yet. There is still no info on where the image is coming from.

Altho everything still remains a mystery, the hiring spree from Naughty Dog gives some hope that the game development process will be at full speed from now on and that we should expect more info very soon.

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