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Next Gen N64 Controller is a Kickstarter Success!

A lot of us remember N64 with a lot of nostalgia. Who can remember the analog stick that could give you finger-pain for days, but we would still play it because Mario Kart was life back then. This quote from Eurogamer describes it best:

“The pad was designed for people with three hands and it did not age well. And what was that weird dust that used to get shaved off the analog stick?”

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the controller, nevertheless but it was really made for aliens. There were some third party tries that never made any sucess but this Kickstarter project is looking great! They have gathered $68,065 out of their $13,000 goal. 

Each controller costs $20 (£15). Pledge $45 or more and you’ll get your name listed in the product’s instruction manual. There are still 28 days to go so I think there will be many names on that manual…

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