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About Beyond Gaming

Beyond Gaming was created by two regular gaming fans who think that gaming journalism has gone too far. We don’t care if Mario has nipples and we don’t care about the gaming drama. We just want to bring the most important gaming news to the gaming community.

All mainstream websites like IGN and PCgamer have filler content because of SEO optimization, 300 words per article is a minimum if you want to get ranked on Google (TIL). We don’t care about that, we just want to bring the most recent gaming news to the world without thinking about SEO and filler content.

This website was started with $4 and XVHOST is the best if you ask us. Whoever knows about shared hosting knows that a website that is hosted on shared hosting won’t last long. Our goal is to debunk all of that and give the community what they want, raw news with no filler content.


Monetization is handled by Lockerdome. We have only one ad that is displayed only to US users and we earn about $2 per 1000 impressions. No other form of monetization is implemented and it never will. We do have a Patreon page that you can check out here Become a Patron!

Our goal? To eliminate clickbait content. If a title can give you enough info there is no need to click on the link, just read the title and move on. Mainstream gaming websites have turned their focus on irrelevant content that we, the gamers, don’t need. That is why we created Beyond Gaming.

We don’t ask you to contribute, we don’t ask you to pledge your money, we just want you to use your brain and think if clicking on that “OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING” link is worth it.

If you have any additional questions you can forward them to [email protected]


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