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Turkey Has Made a List Of Games That Are Offensive To Islam. The List Includes Pacman…


Turkish minister of Youth Affairs and Sports stated recently that a variety of games are full of “Islamophobia”.  They are offensive and directly mock this religion. They called it “a dark propaganda” against Islam.

The hard work put in to promote their faith and show it as sacred to them is in a way mocked in some video games that are popular right now, the statement says. They will try to protect their children from these influences and show the world that people of Islam are good and always ready to take responsibility if needed.

They made a detailed list of the most popular games that are most offensive towards Islam.  So here we go!

Guitar Hero 3 : Our badly translated Turkish couldn’t understand how this game was associated with Allah but somehow it’s offensive to them.

Devil May Cry 3 / Dante’s Awakening : in the 3rd generation of world-renowned third person game; The door of the Kaaba, the qibla of the Muslims used as a symbol of the devil at the tower entrance.

Resident Evil The door to Mohammed’s tomb, is being touted as the enemy of the source of chaos and evil that came into the army. Masjid al-Nabawi the Illuminati symbol is placed on the door, while in the last part of the game all the books in the library are only showing on the Holy Koran place. (We are confused too)

Call Of Duty : Apparently they found something offensive in a toilet that was inside some house here. Reasons for Call Of Duty being on this list are still unknown to us.

Hitman DNA : Amongst the missions, there was a level in Turkey. The visuals used in that level were offensive to Islam.

Counter Strike : In their statement, they say that when someone on the terrorist team dies you can hear either ‘Allahu Akbar’ or ‘La ilaha illa’ chants. They then say that after an intense reaction from the Islamic world these sound effects were removed from the game?!

Serious Sam : In their opinion, in this game, the great Prophet is armed with heavy weapons to protect the world from Aliens…

ZACK & WIKI: Evil symbol in the game, when the enemies die they say ‘Allahu Akbar’ .

AYO DANCE: dancing to songs telling the Quran awards 5,000,000 points.

MUSLIM MASSACRE: The game is based on veiled women and bearded men who kill. At the end of the game, Muhammad asked to be killed.

BOMB IN GAZA: Gaza bombing, a game that is based on veiled women and robed men who kill.

Pacman : A game in which the player progresses by eating women in burka’s.


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