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Microtransactions – Cancer Of The Gaming Community


No one knows how they got here, and why did people accept them in the first place, but it’s obvious that they are here to stay. Microtransactions – the true cancer of the gaming world. Publishers use them to suck out as much as they can out of their games and some of us may hate them but by the looks of it, there is a lot of people out there who accept them for what they are.

Why is this so important you ask? Well, if someone doesn’t do something about them they can cause some serious damage in the future. Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Mortal Kombat X are just some big titles that implemented this type of monetization. The most recent outrage I saw was within the Gears of War community when a large number of them complained about the prices and the absurdity of the loot box system. It looks like the satisfaction of the consumer is put aside and is irrelevant at this point.

One thing is clear here, most of these publishers found a perfect formula to trigger their micro sales. It’s your ego plus competitive gaming. The most simple example may be inside the two most lousy games out there. Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Although most of us don’t play them you certainly know what they are. Now, inside those two pieces of crap lies the secret of microtransaction success. They rub your nose with friends and people who are better than you but they offer you all kinds of solutions to catch up, the only thing you need is money, lots of money! And once you buy one addon you are more likely to buy more and more.

It’s not enough to sell your game just once

Some big titles out there cost more than a high-budget Holywood movie but when they get their money back they want to make as much profit as possible because they are businesses after all. How to sell the game again? Put out some DLC content, add new items, levels, anything that can get sold for a “small” amount of cash.

Console games are still “safe”

This cancer business model isn’t affecting consoles that much, for now. There are some Free To Play games out there but I honestly hope they won’t have much success. Some examples are Smite and Paragon. You could say that Smite has reasonable prices but Epic Games is out of control with Paragon at the moment. Just recently I saw their prices for the virtual currency used inside the game. In simple words, you can buy roughly 6-7 skins for your favorite heroes for 50$! Considering that every hero has 2-3 skins and that the game is still in open beta that’s a lot of cash bro! Don’t get me wrong, you gave me a game that is “free to play”, I am willing to put in some cash to make it worth your while but please – don’t ask for an arm and a leg for the content you could have just sold me for a reasonable fixed price…

This nonsense has to stop!

The problem with microtransactions and DLCs is that it makes the initial standalone game feel incomplete by default. It forces people to constantly shell out money just to play the full game they wanted in the first place. So while these practices work, they also hurt consumer confidence, and games in general.

Hopefully, big game makers use these tactics less frequently, and people will vote with their wallets and stop paying for them. That is the only way we can stop this plague from spreading because if we don’t things are going to get nasty.  If you don’t want your games to cost a fortune in the near future be smart and don’t support the assholes that are trying to suck out every single penny out of you like vampires.


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